Copper Spine Books are the invention of UK based photographers Daryl and Judy Ford (known as Dapper and Jude).

The couple wanted to create a book system that combined fine art prints with a stylish and flexible binding. Many photographers have a printer and enjoy printing their work, but most binding systems resemble office files. The Copper Spine Book system allows you to put together a stunning book to keep for generations. Its flexibility lets you change the contents at any time.

Using fine art prints produces a book of stunning quality, making it ideal for wedding albums, portfolios and other special books.

The Copper Spine Book system is a Registered Design.


Daryl, who after a horse racing apprenticeship became a blacksmith, now combines blacksmithing with a photography business that he runs in partnership with his wife Judy.

The design of Copper Spine Books uses his blacksmithing skills to produce a stunning bespoke book.

Daryl hand forges the copper spine and stamps it with your title. He also makes the spine and covers, and assembles the books.


Before moving to Devon with Daryl, Judy had a career in publications and IT project management.

With vivid memories of visiting her father's printing works, Judy has always had a love of books and photography.

She has several years experience of fine art printing and photo book creation. With Copper Spine Books she can combine the two skills and produce books of stunning quality and longevity.

Dapper & Jude Photography

Since 2019, Daryl and Judy have worked together on a long-term project documenting the life of peasant communities in Romania. They have a separate website for this work.

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Blacksmith Collection ®

Daryl has over 35 years experience as a blacksmith. For more than 30 years he has specialised in bespoke curtain poles and drapery arms.

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